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9 Bad Breakfast Habits That are Causing You to Gain Weight

How you begin your day can negatively or positively affect the rest of your day. Think of your morning alarm as the opportunity to begin anew. Whatever mistakes you made yesterday in regard to your weight loss journey are in the past and today, this morning, is a new start. Your breakfast is the start to making healthy choices and breaking bad breakfast habits.

#1 Are You Eating Enough?

Not eating enough food can create the same problems as skipping breakfast. If you simply graze rather then satisfy your hunger, you are in danger of overeating later or grabbing whatever is available to you mid-morning. This increases the temptation of unhealthy snacking. Choose instead to eat a healthy satisfying breakfast.

#2 Are You Eating Too Much?

Bacon, eggs, bagels, sweet breads, tacos… breakfast foods offer great comfort and many office meetings begin with fatty foods. But these foods add up quickly in calories and fat. Knowing what you are eating, being purposeful in what you put into your body, will help you break bad breakfast habits. Frontloading your day with high calories will make it difficult to maneuver through your day as it will limit your food options.

#3 Skip the Bagels And Sweet Breads

Choosing high-carb foods like bagels will result in a sugar crash. Instead, opt for a high protein diet that will leave you full and satisfied till lunch. Avoid the sweets that only leave you craving more.

#4 Watching TV While Eating Breakfast

Trying to catch the news of the day or veg a few moments before starting the work day? Sitting in front of the TV leads to mindless eating, which creates overeating. Turn off the television and sit down at the table for a few moments as you gather your thoughts and grab a moment of quiet to begin your day.

#5 Are You Eating Too Quickly?

Learn to pay attention to your body. If you are shoving food in your mouth too quickly as you hurry out the door you lack the ability to listen to the needs of your body. You may be overeating, or under eating. Learn to enjoy the food you do eat, savor it. When we eat in a rush it leaves us unsatisfied.

#6 What Drink Do You Reach for Right When You Wake Up?

If the answer is coffee, you are doing it wrong. Your body is dehydrated following a night of sleep. Before you do anything else reach for a glass of water. Wait 30 minutes to an hour before grabbing your first cup of coffee.

#7 What’s In Your Morning Cup?

Whether it’s tea or coffee what you add to your drink may be a bad breakfast habit that needs breaking. Cream and sugar quickly sabotage your calorie and fat count. The added sugar can lead to a sugar crash and cravings mid-morning.

#8 Is Poor Planning to Blame?

You plan everything about your morning to get to work or get the kids out the door to school on time. Why aren’t you properly planning your breakfast? If time is a factor pre-make a healthy breakfast to-go or plan to wake up a few minutes earlier to start your day right. You are worth the effort.

  #9 Do You Know What Your Bad Habits Are?

You are your own worst enemy. Before you can begin to break bad habits, you must first identify them. Start by writing down what you eat throughout your day. Examine your morning routine and make notes of what you can do to improve. How you begin your day will affect how the rest of your day plays out. Make sure you start off well.