Our Lipo Laser procedure allows women and men to achieve their desired figure and appearance without undergoing painful surgeries. This technology can reduce fat by at least 1 inch in less than an hour on your first visit and over 3 inches upon completing the first treatment. No more excuses! This is the best solution for getting the way you want to look. No downtime, no pain, and no fuss. Just noticeable results that you can see from the time you leave. If you are ready to transform the way you look and feel, Lipo Laser is a highly effective, non-invasive solution!

Our Lipo Laser technology uses a specific frequency and intensity of red light from medical-grade LEDs in a unique way, causing your DNA to produce a protein that acts as a key to open up tiny windows on the fat cell walls usually closed. It does not kill or harm the fat cell, allowing the fat inside the cell to drain out into your lymphatic system. It then goes to your liver, which is broken down and excreted in your stool. This same protein also causes your skin cells to produce more collagen and elastin, which results in smoother, tighter skin, and reduced fine wrinkles and stretch marks, ultimately leading to an amazingly younger appearance.



Total loss 8 7/8 inches in 6 visits

Total loss 14 3/8 inches in 6 visits

Total loss 12 inches in 6 visits

Total loss 14 inches in 6 visits

Total loss of 12 1/8 inches

Total loss of 13 inches