The grapefruit comes from South America and is a naturally-occurring hybrid blend of the orange and pomelo. These two parent plants account for the grapefruit’s tangy flavor and impressive size. Wondering about the name? It’s called “grapefruit” because the fruits grow in clumps just like the smaller vine fruit.

What Makes Grapefruit Great?

You may know that grapefruit is packed with vitamin C, and that’s an impressive benefit all on its own. Vitamin C is one of nature’s greatest immune system boosters.

However, you may not know the other health benefits of grapefruit. Here are 9 reasons you should add grapefruit to your diet.

1) Boosting Your Immune System

The high levels of vitamin C in grapefruit make it superb for fighting and preventing infections like the common cold. The latest research suggests that vitamin C may play a preventative role in stopping certain cancers (particularly in the stomach and mouth).

Grapefruit has also been found to fight free-radicals, wide-ranging compounds that may contribute to a variety of severe health problems.

2) Preventing Kidney Stones

A kidney stone is an unwanted mass of calcium in the kidney. Once a kidney stone develops, it must either be passed painfully through the urethra or broken up via surgical intervention.

Making a regular habit of eating grapefruit every day can discourage the formation of kidney stones.

3) Burning More Fat

“Fat-burning” can be a suspicious term that is attached to trendy diets and foods. However, grapefruit’s genuine ability to improve the body’s own fat-burning processes has been verified by research. One study suggests that subjects who ate a half of a grapefruit each day experienced weight loss of up to four pounds over a three-month period of time.

4) Boosting Your Metabolism

Not only can grapefruit help you burn more fat, it can also speed up your metabolism. If you’re eating a healthy diet and getting regular exercise, the additional step of adding grapefruit to your diet can increase your weekly weight loss by up to two pounds.

A faster metabolism encourages round-the-clock fat burning – even while you rest! Keeping your metabolism elevated also makes it easier to maintain a healthy weight when you reach it.

5) Cleaning Your Liver

The liver is vital in extracting unhealthy toxins and removing them from your body. Grapefruit helps your liver do its job more efficiently. Improving liver function helps you manage many different chronic medical issues from depression to muscle stiffness.

6) Preventing Prostate Cancer

Grapefruit is packed with natural antioxidants that can have a profound role in protecting the prostate gland from carcinogens. There is even research to support grapefruit’s ability to repair damaged cells, preventing them from becoming cancerous. Prostate cancer is a severe health threat to all men and the second leading cause of cancer death, after lung cancer. Take steps to protect yourself from prostate cancer by enjoying regular servings of grapefruit.

7) Preventing Lung Cancer

Cancer research has established an encouraging link between grapefruit and lung cancer prevention. Grapefruit has been shown to help heal some of the long-term damage due to tobacco use thanks to its ability to activate healthy enzymes. Pink grapefruit is especially effective in preventing lung cancer.

8) Lowering Bad Cholesterol

In one study, LDL (bad cholesterol) levels dropped by up to 15 percent among regular grapefruit eaters. In terms of lowering cholesterol, blond grapefruit is noted as the most beneficial strain. Grapefruit consumption can also reduce triglycerides, another form of harmful cholesterol, by up to 17 percent. These results were achieved with just one month of regular grapefruit consumption.

9) Preventing Gum Disease

Research suggests that eating two grapefruits every day can prevent gum disease and even reverse existing damage caused by the condition. This effect is due to the fruit’s ability to inhibit free radical formation. Gum disease is a potentially-fatal problem; without treatment, it can lead to oral cancer. Chronic gum disease also has a causative link with heart disease thanks to the transfer of harmful bacteria deeper into the body.

Final Thoughts

You may want to consider adding grapefruit to your diet to improve your overall health. Grapefruit can lower your cholesterol, boost your metabolism, and help you burn more fat. In addition, it can also prevent serious health issues such as prostate and lung cancer.