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6 Signs That You Are Eating Too Many Carbs

Although reducing your carb intake could make you healthier, it’s impossible to completely avoid carbs. But, there’s a difference between good carbs and bad carbs. And bad carbs such as cookies, potato chips, and pasta could take a toll on your health.

Here are six signs that you’re eating the wrong kind of carbs:

1. You’re Always Tired

Even if you get a solid night’s sleep, if you eat too many carbs at breakfast and lunch, you’ll most likely struggle to stay awake by late afternoon.

Although eating carbs can give you a short rush of energy, they eventually turn to sugar and leave you feeling tired and lethargic.

Try swapping out bread and cereals with lean proteins and vegetable. You will notice a big difference in your overall energy levels.

2. You’re Mood Fluctuates

Refined carbs such as white bread and pasta, break down into sugar and can cause your blood sugar to spike. To counteract this problem, your body produces insulin to lower your blood sugar, and the results can have an effect on your overall well-being.

Unfortunately, the more carbs you consume, the more your moods will fluctuate. So, if you remain even-tempered throughout the day, stay away from refined carbs.

3. You Can’t Get Enough Sugar

If you constantly crave sugar and can’t stop dreaming about that big slice of chocolate cake, you’re probably eating too many carbs.

When you eat sugary foods like cookies, brownies, and ice cream, your brain secretes dopamine which makes you feel good. Unfortunately, like a drug, dopamine, rewards you for eating more sugar.

If you want to stop continually craving sugar, you’ll need to cut back on both sugar and carbs.

4. You’re Always Hungry

Suddenly, you’re hungry. But, you just finished a huge bowl of pasta an hour ago.
What’s going on? When you eat simple carbs, there will be constant fluctuations in your blood sugar. And when your blood sugar drops, your body responds with hunger – it’s a way to spike your blood sugar quickly.
If you ignore your hunger, your blood sugar stays low until you eat again. Even worse, your body produces ghrelin, which is a hormone that increases your appetite and causes you to overeat at your next meal. It’s a vicious cycle.

Make sure to eat more lean protein, vegetables, and leafy greens to feel full longer.

5. You Can’t Lose Weight

Even if you cut back on calories, if you eat too many carbs, you are going to have a hard time losing weight. The main reason is that when you eat carbs, your body produces insulin which stores sugar as fat in the cells of your body. In addition, insulin inhibits the breakdown of fat which makes it even harder to lose weight.

If you’re serious about losing weight, you’re going to have to pass on carbs including pasta, bread, and potatoes.

6. Your Cholesterol is Way Too High

If your cholesterol is too high, it may be a result of eating too many unhealthy carbs. When you eat too many carbs, your LDL (bad cholesterol) rises, and your HDL (good cholesterol) lowers. And according to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, individuals whose carb intake is more than sixty percent of their total calories, often present with an increase in triglycerides.

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, carbs are everywhere, and they can be difficult to avoid. But, if you make a commitment to cut back on sugar and refined carbs, you could notice that you feel more energetic, happier, and lose weight in the process.